Long Island Precast, Inc


A one-step monolithic precast concrete trench drain.
Economical - Just set and pave.
Simple installation no in-place forming or concrete encasement required.
Available in 6-ft lengths.
Hot-dipped galvanized grating.
Designed for AASHTO H-20 loading.



Photo Illustrates temporary grating position, to align trench, prior to backfill and pavement placement
(see note 8 below)

ZipperDrain® Installation Instructions

1. Excavate for trench to 20" depth from top of grate elevation.
2. Compact to 95% Proctor Density.
3. Determine location of trench drain. Mark end and each 6-foot joint location.
4. At each joint & end, hand dig and place a flat 4" x 8" x 16" solid concrete block, with top of block level with bottom of excavation.
5. Compact again, over each block.
6. Set end ZipperDrain® unit, with joint centered over block.
7. Insert two ¾" pins in ZipperDrain® joint and place next unit. Continue until last unit is installed.
8. Before backfilling or placing asphalt or concrete paving, temporarily insert a grating to span across each joint. The grating will hold the trench joints in straight alignment during the paving process.
9. After pavement is cured, reset gratings in final position (two grates per trench).

Long Island Precast, Inc.
Brookhaven · New York
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ZipperDrain® Project Specification

The ZipperDrain® trench drains shall be constructed of reinforced precast concrete to the dimensions shown on the plans. Each six-foot increment shall be furnished with two three-foot sections of hot-dipped galvanized, fabricated steel gratings. The composite unit shall be able to sustain AASHTO H-20 loading.

Concrete shall be Portland Cement concrete with a minimum 28-day strength of 4000 psi.

ZipperDrain® shall be as manufactured by:

Long Island Precast, Inc.
20 Stiriz Road
Brookhaven, New York
(631) 286-0240.

ZipperDrain® shall be installed in strict conformance with the manufacturers recommendations.